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Manage & Maintain Your Audience In

My Take attempting to Answer The Above Question (On Quora)

Access to important and most needed resources is paramount in getting the results you hope for in any business venture. Be it maintaining your audience or generally having a more profitable Affiliate business outcome.

Having these resources is no guarantee for success. What will match the required resources to produce a successful outcome and good ROI is PLANNING.

What is your Niche? Do you have a product or a Niche you own, you identify and have enough passion working on it? Each of the above Questions are a book of their own.

How are you going to market your product? Do you own a platform to run the business, website or Blog? Are you going to use Ready-made platforms of other marketers and or ventures?

How healthy is your Traffic Strategy on all the platforms you plan to use? Leads, Email Marketing strategy are important to maintaining a healthy audience in Affiliate marketing. Such an objective can only happen when you have the audience or a healthy mailing list. Targeted and reliable customer base.

Above all some (money) investment capital would be needed to make the Affiliate marketing a reality. How much of the investment capital is another subject. The requirements and specification in your business plan will determine how much resource or investment capital is needed.

Conclusion! There are many Platforms and or Funnels out there offering gold and silver solutions. Which must often are costly and complex to work on. Jumping from one platform to another in search of solutions can be a problem. One has to be careful what to follow.

If you intend to start an Affiliate Marketing Business with the hope to maintaining a healthy audience, I will recommend the following Free Systems

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A Good preacher should practice what he or she preaches.

I recommend the above Solutions since I am doing something in that sphere you could do same.

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